Keyword map (semantic site map) – a document necessary for high-quality SEO. It shows how the site matches the search demand.
Here you can download a program that helps to make a map of relevance due to the automated search for queries in the content of the site.

Keyword map Details: Definition

Keyword map, tree or semantic is a visualization of the site promotion structure. It is a table which have are keywords (search queries) that you are moving along, and the pages corresponding to them (URL). Keyword mapping helps to understand where there are few keywords (queries), and where they need to be removed. You can see priority queries that are of little significance should be evaluated. Keyword map is a must for SEO strategy.

It makes it clear how successful the promotion of each individual page and site as a whole is. A good keyword map helps to make technical requirement for copywriting, and in conjunction with ranking analytics makes it possible to respond in time to changes in search engine algorithms.
The tool checks the occurrences of search queries in the content of the landing pages. This helps to quickly build a keyword map for your site.

What tasks can be solved using the keyword mapping tool?

  • Quickly determine if your site’s structure matches semantics
  • Check site texts for occurrences of queries
  • Find out if your landing pages match relevant pages of google
  • Compare text optimization of your site with competitors
  • Check LSI occurrences in texts

and in general, if you do SEO, you can’t do without a keyword mapping, this is the basis of your strategy

With this keyword mapping SEO tool you can build a keyword map even for a large site in a few minutes. This is much faster than searching in the browser via Ctrl + F. Of course, the finished file will still have to be analyzed, but you will have a map that is correctly assembled by 80%. Provided, of course, that you submitted the correct structure of queries and landing pages to the input.

How it works

What do you need to use the keyword mapping tool?

You need a semantic core, grouped by target, or at least relevant pages. That is, there should be a link “query – url”. Based on this data, the program will collect queries to add relevance to the map.

You just have to add the received data to your card. For this page, for example, the program collected entries like this:

Semantic sitemap example
Do not waste time, download the program and also work on your sites. I hope the program helps you make a keyword map quickly and correctly.

So what is keyword mapping for SEO?

SEO keyword mapping – it is a structure of your site and a structure of the keywords that need to coincide. For a best on-page SEO you must to chose only right keywords to target on. Keywords must group on sense and user’s research intent.   

For example: user searching «red dress». What page do we prefer to i optimize to this query? Only the page with the red dresses, not pages with all dresses or clothes, because the user pointed out his intent: «red».

So we need to visualize this structure for convenience. And that is why we build a keyword map.

SEO keyword mapping is one of the best practice of on-page optimization. That is improving relevance and giving you understanding what content do you neet to build on. Google loves content-rich pages with many useful information that answers to user’s query most benefit. And SEO specialists work on it with keyword mapping maps.

How do I create a map for keywords?

First of all, we just have some template of keyword map to download. That builds on next system: columns with page’s url of your site ande column with keyword that you want to use. That columns you need to logically coincide between themselves.

It is a bacically columns but you can to customize your keyword map for you: for example you can add search volume, difficulty, anchors and etc.

Download seo keyword map tool

Download from Google Drive

Download seo keyword mapping template

seo keyword mapping template

Download keyword map template for free here

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